Mountain Bike Routes

Mountain biking trails in Montagu

Welcome to Montagu in the Langeberg – home of the dried fruit industry and adventure tourism, and mountain biking heaven of the Western Cape Province. There are many routes in the area and for your convenience we have mapped seven routes, ranging from flat and easy for families, to mountain goat heaven for hard-core masochists. All routes start from the tourism office in Montagu situated at an elevation of 204m.

The routes have been graded:
1 being easy to 5 being difficult and requires a minimum of two or more cyclist. In summer the best time to start is early morning when it is cool.


The mountain bike trails have been mapped and named for your convenience. Not all routes are marked as these are a mixture of public roads and we have been asked in some cases to refrain from using these routes for various reasons.

(+/- 37km, GRADED 2/5)

A gentle touring route for a family from young teens onwards, with a few climbs that are ridable for the moderately fit rider. There is much to see on this route from an Anglo Boer Fort to 90 year old vineyards, honey tasting, a cactus nursery, geranium and lavender cordial tasting, olive tasting, as well as good mountain air.

(+/- 18km OR +/- 24km, GRADED 1/5)

Head out to Barrydale on the R62. Just out of town there are two small rises which can be taken in one’s stride or push it a bit to get the heart pumping. Turn left at 9km or 12km, both have a sign indicating “Rietvlei One”. From the turn off enjoy a quiet, peaceful ride back to town on good gravel roads and the old Barrydale road.

(+/- 40km, GRADED 2/5)

This is a flat and fast route ideal for families or riders wanting to do a time trail. There are a few rollers once you reach the turn-off to the Poortjieskloof Dam, six of them in fact if you want to count them before you reach the R62.
There is a nice rest period for around 6 kilometers before turning back onto the dirt through Rietvlei One, and back onto the short section of tar on the narrow old section of the old Barrydale Road and onto the Talana Road back to town.

(+/- 42km, GRADED 3/5)

A challenging route of about 42 kilometer for the average rider with a long climb from town to the summit off the Jeep track. Please close the gate once you are through. A stop at the summit is a must to take in one of my favourite views of the Langeberg.
Caution is required on the descent as the drop down has about ten water runoff humps. Once you are through the nursery it is a fast drop down back home.

(+/- 52km, GRADED 4/5)

This is the ride for the hard-core rider wanting to get in that much required hill training. It is a good idea to use a Camel-back for this one. The return trip is fast and caution is required on the descent down the Ouberg Pass with sharp corners and plenty of washboard surface. Distance is around 52 kilometers depending on your route back to town,

(+/- 41km, GRADED 5/5)

This is a tough 41 kilometer mountain goat heaven route and certainly not for the average rider. Bobbejaans Bult is a climb of around three kilometers reaching 17% at times, with the meanest descent around Montagu.
Once you re-join the Ouberg Road you turn left and head back to town where you have definitely earned your coffee.

(+/- 53km, GRADED 2/5)

A ride suited for both the average rider and for the hard-core racing snake. Flat for the most part.
When you reach the T-junction, turn left if you want the short option. Turn right to continue on towards the Dam Route, half a kilometer further, turn left and follow the road to the dam.
There is a compulsory portage as you climb the steps on the right or left hand side of the Pietersfontein Dam without your bike as it is all about the view and taking in the beauty of the Langeberg. Count the steps.
Depending on whether you go out to the dam and which return route you use, you can stretch this ride to a good 53 kilometer training ride.

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