Welcome to Montagu & Ashton

This perfect getaway in the Langeberg, near the Robertson Wine Valley and not far from the Breede River Valley, takes some time to explore. The beautiful town of Montagu, famous for more than its Hot Springs is the perfect retreat for eco, wellness and adventure sports, as well as golfing holidays, wine and food! Montagu is situated on Route 62 approximately 2 hours drive from Cape Town and leads into the Little Karoo. Look forward to a whole new world of magic and sensual pleasure as you pop through the hole in the wall at Kogmanskloof with its amazing geological folds, faults and a British fort from 1899. Accommodation in Montagu for all tastes is as diverse as Montagu itself.

The Ultimate Sensory Experience

What makes Montagu extra special is the fact that it appeals to all the senses… Whether it is the sounds of silence only a mountain can provide Birdsongs or friendly chatter at the market The taste of delectable peaches, apricots, apples, pears and good food The sweet aroma of Muskadel and fresh mountain air The warm rays of sunshine or smell of roses The visionary explosion of a Karoo night sky The colourful view of “sidewalk life” Or the touch of cold rock under your fingers, natural spring water on your skin or the feel of a good massage and many different alternative therapies Accommodation varies from 5 star hotels to friendly B&B’s for every taste, as well as exciting Guest Farms, Mountain Retreats and good old camping. Now that the “family holiday” is back in fashion and camping, tents and caravans are all the rage, it is time to rediscover the joy of simple holidays close to home yet far from the rush of the city. Montagu is ideal for these types of holidays where you can again indulge and give your children the privilege to experience the things we enjoyed as children – swimming in dams, braai-ing at campsites, walking through the countryside, smelling fresh unpolluted air, eating fruit straight from the trees, experiencing real farm life and generally indulging the senses.

Head for Montagu

So when you need to escape the rush and you’re yearning for some basic sensory pleasures, head for Montagu, where you’ll find a wholesome eco- and wellness destination that appeals to all the senses of the visitor – which will make you want to linger longer . . . and remember to expect the unexpected.