Montagu Winery

Described as 'the best wine for the price anywhere in the world'

Montagu Co-operative Wine cellar Limited is situated at the beginning of the Little Karoo, about 200km from Cape Town on Route 62. The cellar was founded on 17 March 1941 with 15 members under the leadership of Mr DJ Burger Snr as chairman.

When the cellar was built, wine was produced under the supervision of wine pioneers Dr Costa and Mr Moni. The Monis Marsala and Moscato (a method of making muscadel) had its origin in this very same cellar that is still used today for our own products, so the tradition is kept alive. From 800 tons of grapes and 15 members in 1942, the cellar grew to 16 000 tons of grapes and 41 members in 2017. These days muscadel is only 400 tons of the total production and only an exclusive amount is produced for the public on the traditional method.

At the moment the cellar produces white and red muscadel. The cellar is proud of the many trophies won by its champion wines. Montagu Wines has also won the title of “Champion Wine Cellar of the region” several times. The cellar’s red muscadel has been selected for the renowned Nederburg Wine Auction four times where it was described as “the best wine for the price anywhere in the world”.

We produce various cultivar red and white wines for the market which includes our famous muscadel. Currently, in our bottle range, we have 2 white wines, 3 red wines, 3 sweet wines and white and red sparkling grape juice.

Wines are marketed locally, but we also use a delivery service to deliver our wine countrywide to our dedicated clients. Be sure to contact our sales department with any queries.


Contact:Mari-Louise Lamprecht