Montagu Volunteer Fire and Rescue (MVFR)

MVFR vision is to create a community operated support service to assist the greater public of Montaguand surrounds.

MVFR vision is to create a community operated support service to assist the greater public of Montagu and surrounding areas in time of need as well as educate the community on fire prevention and incidents.
The MFVR volunteers are always willing to assist at events – which some recent testimonials approve:
Montagu Mania Events

Montagu Volunteer Fire & Rescue. Thank you for amazing support at the Western Cape XCM Championships. We appreciate your professionalism and dedication. Well done Johan Olivier and your team! Always calm, always willing to help and with loads of experience. Montagu organisations -please support this group whenever you can, they are doing great things in our town!

The Montagu Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association (MVFRA) is a registered NPO (245-707) and was established on 12 February 2020, by concerned SMEs to contribute towards the safety, wellbeing and development of the community of Montagu and environs.
The MVFRA is here to help all Montagu residents who may need assistance, and to support local and provincial authorities in an effort to minimise the impact of a disaster on all residents – from wildfires and floods, to civil disturbances and any other natural or man-made disasters.
Twenty of our dedicated Volunteer First Responders underwent Wildland Fire Fighting Training in bush and wildfire management and other courses including first aid to enable them to assist in emergency calls and people in destress.

Our volunteer teams are available to do standbys at public events with emergency equipment to assist people in distress or injured. The teams communicate with their dedicated radio system and have an experienced incident commander that are in contact with the relevant authorities for emergency responds when needed.

At present we rely solely on donations from the public and businesses to meet our annual running costs and have been fortunate that some businesses and local residents have opened their hearts (and wallets) to enable us to purchase the equipment needed.

If you would like more information on MVFR and the teams, you can contact our Chairperson, Gavin Hatherley on 072 9277 545; email, or the Team Manager Johan Olivier 0646487795, email, or our Communications Officer, Mareletta Mundy on 082 444 3927

If you make a donation, please use your name as a unique reference as well as sending us an email so we can thank you for your valued contribution. (It also helps us keep track of incoming funding for the auditors).

Please send your proof of payment via email to and to

Bank Deposits or EFT Payments can be made to:

Account Name: Montagu Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch Code: 000205
Account Number: 10137984950
Swift Code SBZA ZAJJ