Healing Hands

Massage & Reflexology

Mobile Massage (Health & Wellbeing)

Aromatherapy Massage

This full-body treatment envelops you in relaxation. Gentle pressure and rhythmic movements melt away tension, while exquisite essential oil blends calm the mind and uplift the spirit. Emerge rejuvenated, stress dissolving with each cherished moment of serenity.

Therapeutic Massage

Pinpoint areas of discomfort and let healing hands work their magic.Powerful strokes and techniques like shiatsu and myofascial release unravel even the most stubborn knots. each intuitive movement targets underlying pain, coaxing relief into overtaxed muscles and restoring freedom of movement.

Lymphatic Massage

Detoxify and purify with the gentle caress of peristaltic movements. This ultra-light technique encourages lymphatic flow, flushing stagnant fluids and toxins from distressed tissues. Emerge refreshed, as edema and discomfort dissipate, making way for the body’s intrinsic radiance.

Reflexology Massage

An invigorating foot massage offers holistic rejuvenation. As reflexology points are systematically stimulated, energy pathways are cleared and balanced. Each zone connects to corresponding organs and systems, bestowing whole-body vitality from the soles up.

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