Friends of our Tortoises

Help make a difference . . . walk with us!

The inaugural meeting of the new FRIENDS OF OUR TORTOISES GROUP : ‘FOOT’ was held on the 15th March 2012 and was attended by 8 people, including Cape Nature and the Breede River Gazette.

The discussion at this meeting centered around 3 key elements:

• The receipt and treatment of injured tortoises in and around Montagu.
• The generation of greater community awareness about tortoises.
• While the group’s initial focus will be on the Montagu area, the longterm planning will be to link into similar initiatives around the Western Cape.

Further topics that will receive consideration in due course include:

• the establishment of a proper rehabilitation centre (a possible and likely property to be used for rehabilitation purposes when required has already been volunteered)
• Road signage will be looked into.

4th April – A suitable local location for the care & rehabilitation of injured tortoises has been found. The first order of business is to construct an enclosure – preferably of dry-packed local stone plastered on the inside. We can source most of the building material on-site but need some donations of cement, and timber / steel for gate construction etc.

If you care for the environment & want to help make a difference … walk with us!

For further information on the needs and activities of the group, you can contact
Ron Brunings – email: