Burgundy Gherkin & Purple Pickle

Local taste on international flavours

What is the difference between a gherkin and a pickle? Well, here in Montagu on the Route 62– it’s the local taste on international flavours. The Burgundy Gherkin and The Purple Pickle are family run businesses and have options for any palate, local or international, sit-in or takeaway.

Sit upstairs, downstairs or on our unique ground floor deck and enjoy the Gherkin’s pizza, pasta and wraps. Also available: gluten-free and banting-friendly pizza. Try something tasty from the Pickle’s takeaway menu: burgers, ribs, fish, chips, toasties and much more. The Pickle is on-the-go even when electricity is on-the-low. We also offer a delivery service for both those businesses.

Various refreshments are available – hot drinks, cold drinks or even the more alcoholic: yes, we’re fully licensed! We’ve got some well-known milkshake flavours as well as something more unique: why not give one of our gourmet milkshakes a try?


Burgundy Gherkin: 023 614 3734 & 084 875 7698
Purple Pickle: 078 723 9531