About AIDA

Brand Name
For years AIDA has been at the forefront of Real Estate services in South Africa. Named after its founder AÏDA Geffen, AIDA has been delivering quality products and services to members and consumers alike since 1958. When homebuyers and sellers think real estate, they think of the AÏDA brand, a Real Estate Group most likely to service their homeownership needs.

Marketing, promotion, advertising and public relations.
The AIDA brand utilises an effective combination of print media, internet, social media and outdoor advertising to ensure that its message reaches across South Africa. Advertorials in publications including ‘The Property Professional’, ‘Money’ magazine (City Press) and news articles in several of the daily and online newspapers ensure a wide audience is reached both domestically and abroad. Aïda is also proud to be a Corporate Ambassador of the South African National Blood Services.

To be the acknowledged and trusted real estate brand in South Africa.

Company Values
• To offer a professional service which will add value and peace of mind when buying property.
• To ensure optimal integrity through the provision of honest business practice.
• To be unique and passionate in the way we are contributing towards the lives of our clients.
• To constantly exceed the expectations of our clients.
• To make the dream of owning property a reality.

Values and Culture
We will conduct our business, and influence our business partners to conduct their businesses, with integrity, enthusiasm, confidence, responsibility, accountability, transparency, commitment, persistence, care, respect and empathy.

By using AIDA Montagu as your property specialist, you will be eased into your new home and lifestyle by agents that are caring and professional.

We are in the people business and are able to offer a wide variety of Montagu properties to suit your dreams.


Contact:Johan Gous
Cell:082 874 3892
Fax:023 614 1514