Visitor Statistics

Visitor Statistics

Visitor Statistics

03 March 2011

By Nelda Wiese (Committee member, Montagu-Ashton Tourism Association)

Although these figures are based on visitors to the tourism office only, I do believe it gives us a relatively accurate figure of who visits us and where they come from.

We had a total of 1 053 visitors to the tourism office for this period, 390 in October, 444 in November and 219 in December.

Herewith a summary of some of the learnings:

· Almost 40% of our visitors come from Europe. This is made up of 38% from Germany, 25% from the Netherlands and 15% from Scandinavian countries.

· 31% of the Germans are just day visitors, but the remaining 69% stay for longer than the rest of their European neighbours.

· 25% of the UK tourists are day visitors

The allocation of beds is a calculation of number of people times the number of days that they stayed. It makes sense that the local tourists make up almost 50% of this total.

· In terms of our local visitors, almost two thirds of our visitors are from the Western Cape, but their visits are shorter than the visitors further away from us.

· Only 16% of the local tourists are day visitors.

· Visitors from Gauteng stay for longer than our neighbours from the Eastern Cape.

· We hardly get any visitors from the other provinces – and surprisingly nothing from Namibia, which is obviously not true – they are just not visiting our tourism office.

When you study these statistics, you will agree that there are some serious challenges for us!

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