Melting pot of Montagu

Melting pot of Montagu

16 June 2015

Melting pot of Montagu ... That is how the front-page cover of the July 2015 Country Life Magazine reads.

Yes, Montagu is the featured town of the month and Marion Whitehead captures the true country style of our town with honest and sincere words.

Marion visited Montagu a few days after lightning struck the Church tower (which we all know by now) - but she aptly describes Montagu: "Where Time stands still" and goes on by saying : "The cosmopolitan folk of Montagu have perfected the art of enterprising country living in the Little Karoo's favourite spa town."

Some of our lovely locals are smiling from the pages of this magazine, now hot off the press.

A Big thank you to all the advertisers that helped make this feature even stronger with the great offerings of our town and to all the honest folk who were interviewed, thank you for your love, passion, contributions and support of this great town.

So .... rush out and get your copy!