Still not a MATA Member?

Still not a MATA Member?

06 December 2010

Benefits of the Montagu-Ashton Tourism Association (MATA) explained....

Role of the Association

We are a Local Tourism Authority, partially funded by the Municipality and partially by members fees.

We are a non-profit organization that has as its main aim the promotion of the region, in order to attract tourists, local, national and international.

To do this we attend as many Tourism shows as we can, with the funds we have available, promote Montagu where possible in the press, and support the tourists who visit the area, through the services offered by the office. These services include tourist information on sightseeing activities, accommodation, restaurants and any other information they might need to make their stay enjoyable.

The budget is decided by the Committee each year, who are appointed by the members at the AGM. The Committee is made up of members of the Association who all volunteer their time and services at no cost to the Association, and no reward to themselves. The Committee does most of the marketing, management of the staff, fund-raising, and assist the Members as well as the staff, where possible, but they usually have full-time businesses of their own to run. It is, therefore, important that they have the support of the Members.

The funds are used to keep the office running and pay the staff, as well as to do any marketing at shows, and printing of advertising material.

Other duties of the Association include :

* To liaise with other stakeholders to promote tourism and joint marketing of the Montagu-Ashton destination.
* Provide advice on marketing opportunities.
* Provide information on tourism trends based on research and marketing intelligence.
* Circulate newsletters to members regarding industry related matters.

Benefits of Membership

Direct Benefits / Reasons for supporting your LTA:

* Training programmes offered by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, for skills development.
* Members are indicated on the map of the town which is handed out at the office (updated when funds are available).
* Certificate of membership showing compliance with safety, health and comfort of guests once assessments have been done by the Department.
* Membership qualifies businesses for applications for road signage.
* Membership qualifies businesses for the Tourist Safety and Support programme.
* Members’ product information is listed on the Associations website, with direct access for visitors to their personal website.
* Opportunities to have brochures at national and international trade shows, and to the media. (Sometimes it is required to pay a small fee for this benefit, as our budget would not otherwise allow us to attend all these shows.)
* Use of Cape Town and Western Cape brand to endorse products and services.
* Opportunity to advertise along with other members in publications, which make it more affordable. Only members are allowed to be part of these group ventures which are arranged by the staff and committee.
* Brochures may be left in the Tourism office and will be marketed on the board outside the office.
* Members may receive bookings at their accommodation establishments when visitors to the office ask our staff to book for them. This is done at a cost of 10% commission, payable to the office.

Indirect Benefits of Membership:

You are joining the business community of Montagu-Ashton in supporting the promotion of the town. This kind of visibility and co-operation is invaluable for networking and essential to the whole community.

Networking with fellow members provides the opportunity to exchange ideas and create synergies/partnerships with others.

Requirements of Membership:

In order to maximize your visibility and benefits, you need to provide us with :

(1) Appropriate photographs (6) and wording for your website entry.
(2) Brochures for distribution in the office.
(3) At an additional cost, a very valuable tool is to have a promotional frame on the wall of the office.
(4) Compliance with assessment criteria and making your product available for assessment (every two years, for accommodation establishments).
(5) Your positive support and encouragement to the office staff and the Committee, and active involvement in our marketing attempts, where possible. The Association cannot continue to function, without the support of its members.

A vast percentage of the towns’ employment and income results from Tourism and without it, the area cannot prosper.