Monthly Photo Competition

Monthly Photo Competition

05 September 2013

The Montagu-Ashton Tourism Association has launched a brand new - monthly - Photo Competition.
The aim of this competition is to assist us to build up a stock of a good photographs of our town, its people, activities, etc. so that we can share it with everyone. Whether we use it on our websites, the media in general (various Magazines and Newspapers frequently ask us for photos to accompany articles on Montagu) and it would be good to have a large library available to select from, rather than to frequently share many of the same photos in a limited library.

The competition was launched on Facebook at the beginning of September and we named it :
"Picturesque Montagu Photo Competition".
For all the information on the competition, you can visit :

Even if you are not a "Facebooker", you will be able to access the page and upload your photos as it is not a closed group, but OPEN to anyone.

If you are a bit 'technically challenged' and need help or any information regarding the competition, you are welcome to get in touch with the administrators of the page: Petrus Jansen or Ronel Preston via the Tourism Office. You are also welcome to email your photographs to the Tourism Office and we will upload them on the Facebook page for you (* See the Photo Requirements below)

Photographs can be uploaded anytime during the month and at the end of the month the winners are chosen by the following criteria:
1. How many 'likes' did the photograph receive by the end of the month
2. Photographs with most likes will be judged by 3 judges (local photographers and artists)
Thus, the earlier you upload your photograph(s) during the month the more Facebook 'likes' you are likely to receive and the higher the chance for your photograph to make it to the judges.

Winning photographs will be awarded prizes as announced every month

1. When you submit a photograph for the competition you also give the Montagu Ashton Tourism Association the right to use the material for marketing and event purposes on their Facebook page, website ( and, blog and some printed material (without profit motive)
2. Photographs must be taken in the Langeberg region, anything beyond will not be considered.
3. Photographs must be uploaded to the correct category
4. Photographs must be correctly titled: Photograph title, Location, Your name
4. Photographs need to be at least 800px +
5. The winning photographs from each month need to be emailed to us at 1600px (high resolution) +, 150 dpi+ ( and
6. Any work you submit must be your own without any other copyright
7. If your photograph(s) are used by Media which requested photos of our town or region, then it shall be on the understanding that you have consented to that, provided that you are acknowledged as the photographer

- Landscapes in and surrounding Montagu and the Langeberg valley
- Montagu street scenes
- The colourful people of Montagu (studies)
- Attractions (eg Market, Birds at dam, etc)
- Nature in the Langeberg (eg wildlife, flower macro's, etc)

Thank you for being part of this initiative to build a beautiful photography archive for the Montagu Ashon Tourism Association!