Our popular Village Market

Our popular Village Market

02 April 2012

MONTAGU VILLAGE MARKET - Yours and Ours and an Authentic Experience for Visitors!

The Montagu Village Market remains the meeting place for the locals, but more and more foreign languages can be heard among the early morning chatter.
We are privileged to have so many visitors that support our “Local is Lekker” Market – coming for exactly that - the Local and Authentic EXPERIENCE.
The comments we receive on a weekly basis are ALL POSITIVE and I would like to thank all our amazing traders who keep up the quality and authenticity of the Montagu Village Market. Thank you for creating a spirit that most visitors envy...
The support of Local Montagu, has added to the amazing growth of the market and YOU as our Community deserve a Big Thank you too!!
Please feel free to send us (or just bring) your comments of what you would like to see from and at your own Community Market.
The Market is also growing in trader numbers and we, as a Committee, have many hard decisions to make about which products to add for the benefit of the market and the entire Community.
Interest in the market is inspired by abundance and variety - of both Fresh Produce and Home-made food. We need to collaborate on these decisions to make it fair and profitable for all. The MVM Constitution does help when 'sticky applications' are received. A new product or offering is evaluated using the following criteria:

* Is the trader from within the municipal area
* Will the trader commit to trading weekly
* Will the new product bring more feet to the market or add value to market
* Is the product handmade, handcrafted, sourced or made within the municipal area
* Is the trader offering something new to the market as a whole (could be a new concept rather than the product itself)
* Is the product available elsewhere eg. at other markets, small boutique shops, in commercial outlets
* Is the, possibly duplicated, product of better quality and more authentic than that currently on offer.
* Does the duplication bring a new concept or new idea or new possibilities to the products currently available at the market thereby benefiting the market as a whole, or is the perceived benefit only for the new applicant.

Please mark Saturday – 7 April – Easter Market – in your diary. This will be a FUN one for the whole family – with lots of Easter surprises to keep the kids happy and smiling - leaving a sweet taste in the mouth!

See you at the Montagu Village market – where local and foreign meet over a cup of Greek Coffee, a Boere Vetkoek or Mauritian Samoosas, with a lekker Pannekoek on the side, with or without home grown honey (badger friendly)!
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Mareletta van Zyl-Wohlfarter-Chairman – Montagu Village Market
Tel : 023 614 1895
E-Mail: mareletta@loudadvertising.co.za