Newsletter from our Chairman

Newsletter from our Chairman

25 January 2012

Opportunities multiply as they are seized – 2012 is the Tourism Opportunity Year!

A collective sigh is what I can hear among all the tourism role players who had a busy and slightly “demanding” festive season – it was “Local is Lekker” Holiday time and judging from the demand for places that are authentic, far away, reminiscent of lovely childhood memories, indulging in the beautiful outdoors; camping, caravaning, hiking, swimming in farm dams, being woken up by a rooster's call, feeding the ducks,pigs, horses, picking apricots, taking tractor trips, eating potjiekos, counting stars and finding the milky way…..

Montagu and surrounding areas, even roads less traveled, like R318, was indeed very busy and abuzz over the holiday season. Restaurants in Montagu were packed to the brim, which does pose the question: Why would some establishments that cater for tourists choose to close and take a break over this very busy time?

Since comments and complaints and suggestions did find their way to the Information Office and the Montagu-Ashton Tourism Association Committee- we’ve already planned a great Feedback / Post Mortem session for the 6th of February.
This post mortem will be beneficial for all tourism members and even those who are not members, but do form an integral part of a complete MONTAGU OFFERING.
Taking note of a recent letter published in the Montagu Mail- asking: “what is Montagu Tourism doing and what about festivals?”- it became obvious that we all get so bogged down with DOING that we forget about SHARING………….
Thus a session of sharing, not to be missed:
6 February, Montagu Springs, 15:00-17:00
Please try not to miss this one, since essential marketing feedback will be given.
Helen Gooderson will be telling us about all the GREAT festivals planned for 2012 – believe me there is something for everyone and loads of opportunities to get involved:
As SunTzu said: “Opportunities multiply as they are seized”
It is one of the core functions of the Tourism Association to help create these opportunities, but it remains the responsibility of the members and individuals to seize these to create successful partnerships and a marketable Montagu!

Some good news to share, apart from the fact that numerous Montagu establishments and Attractions have been in the news lately, is also the fact that Montagu is one of the Finalists in the Destinations Awards from – time to hang out and impress!

So the time for putting our feet up and sipping some local wine and indulging in the beauty of our own night sky - has not yet arrived for those in tourism. The energy and passion for this beautiful town is only starting to show and is creating the motion we all want and need - so keep at it and make 2012 the Year of Opportunity and Action.

Together we create Energy!

Look out for more details – especially our Calendar of Events - on the Montagu-Ashton Tourism website or contact Mareletta van Zyl-Wohlfarter (Chairman) – 023 614 1895.