Meet our new Chairman

Meet our new Chairman

10 August 2011

Meet Mareletta van Zyl Wohlfarter, our new Chairman for the 20111/2012 Tourism year!

We asked Mareletta to tell us a bit more about herself....

"Being a 'Boere Meisie' at heart and memories of Karoo farm holidays always special.... it was inevitable that I would end up in a Beautiful Countryside, on a farm...

Not knowing it would be, married to a Swiss mountain man, a farm off the grid, no electricity, no cell phone reception, just down to earth authenticity – but here I am – proud to be a Montaguer for about 6 years now (3 of that, married to Jurgen Wohlfarter from Simonskloof out in the Koo valley).

I always believed: You can make a living or design a life – and this is where I decided to design a passionate life.

The passion for this beautiful town and richly blessed Langeberg Region shaped me into a giving, sharing, co-creator - always trying to bring all the beauty and amazing offerings of this town and region to the same platform of shared vision and drive.

In plain language - getting everyone to work together for a greater good. That Greater good being sharing the magic of this town and Region with the World!

This is where I decided to put my skill and experience( of more than 21years), as strategist and marketing specialist to good use. Happy to help Montagu-Ashton Tourism to strategise and market itself and all its members.

Happy to work together with highly skilled and passionate people who willingly give their time to serve on this committee.

I do believe in the magic of this town and the promise to everyone who visits, or come to stay : "Expect the Unexpected"! ... And never lose your ability to believe in magic. We are so blessed by Mother Nature that we need a little reminder every once in a while, I am hoping that I can manage those little reminders during this year as Chairman of Montagu Ashton Tourism.

Those who know me will understand that I am always ready for a chat - so feel free to give me a call if you need to bounce ideas or just want to share some positive - or negative - comments".