Stone Hill Financial Services

An authorised Financial Services provider - FSP 11119

On a lovely Summer’s evening in january 2019, Stone Hill Financial Services (Previously Leon Steenkamp Makelaars) launched their new brand in Montagu.

The KWV Gallery was the perfect venue for a stylish evening with good local wine, dainty and delicious snacks and most importantly a good crowd of interested clients and prospective clients.
The Odeon theatre was the perfect place for valuable presentations.

Leon Steenkamp welcomed everyone and gave a brief background to how Stone Hill Financial services took shape.
Jeff Morgan-Hill took the stand with a very comprehensive presentation of the Economic -and Market overview.
As Jeff presented: “Recently, global events took their toll on the major equity markets, with only the US-market being in positive territory early in December – the S&P500 is up only 1% year to date. The European markets also didn’t fare well and are on average 11% down for the year.

Whilst South Africa started well with positive news on the political front, our markets were very quickly overtaken by global events impacting on market sentiment, Donald Trump’s tantrums and trade wars as well as the Argentine and Turkish crisis. This sentiment was aggravated by a domestic recession and rising oil prices. A demanding year that resulted in the JSE ending 13% lower year on year – the worse year since 2008 crisis.”

But notwithstanding these short- term fluctuations the basis of investing remains unchanged:
• implement a comprehensive investment strategy,
• invest into the right portfolios;
• and allow the fund managers the time to weave their magic.

Jeff explains: “To meet these principles, Stone Hill Financial Services (Pty) Ltd has re-assessed our investment philosophy and “House View”; subsequently contracting with South Africa’s leading investment houses to assist us in constructing portfolios that will deliver positive returns”

The revised Investment philosophy can be summarized as follows:
• Wealth Protection
• Stone Hill focuses on avoidance of permanent loss of capital
• Understand risk and manage it before considering returns
• Not “all eggs in one basket”
• Multi-Manager strategy to mitigate risk
• Different managers, styles & asset classes
• Real returns vs Nominal return

Stephan Venter, Portfolio Manager at SMMI, Portfolio Manager of Stone Hill’s Portfolios took the stand to give a very detailed investment review that is proof that the Stone Hill team know what they’re talking about – based on well researched facts and having their finger on the pulse.

We welcome Stone Hill Financial Services in Montagu and very happy to have such a complete and efficient service right on our doorstep.

For more information – follow the Ask your Financial Advisor column in Langeberg & Montagu Mail, or contact: Leon, Jeff or Dean on 023 614 1090