Square Tomato

The quirky Square Tomato food Trailer can add to the food offering and ambience of any event.

We are a passionate duo that strives to bring you Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine to your table, at home, at an event/festival or just in the middle of the bush. Square Tomato Production Kitchen is a magical place where our product is given its unique flair.It is in this wonderful kitchen that the product is put together by hand and the magic happens.

We bring you a little bit of down to earth Meditteranean excitement to your function. From exotic sweet desserts to Aegean spiced flavoured savouries.Our frozen pastry store is growing steadily. We are able to supply our products fresh to your table of frozen and ready to bake for your convenience. Product development is on-going and we will be making tasty new versions, both savoury and sweet, of our phyllo pastries.

We source quality ingredients locally first and foremost. Living in the country has given us the opportunity to get to know our local farmers and establish good working relationships. They grow our spinach; provide us with butter, feta, sun dried tomatoes, fresh herbs, chicken, eggs and meat.
We try to infuse tastes from around the world to create delightful food that excite the taste buds of our customers.

We have 2 Bedouin stretch tents and are able to offer them as rentals in the event of bad weather. In addition our trailer can be used for private events as a serving platform for food and drinks.

Route Description

On Long Street – Main Road as you enter Montagu


Contact:Basil & Irene
Cell:073 516 2916 / 079 958295