Rouxbean Coffee Roastery

Not all coffee is roasted equal…

Our boutique Coffee Roastery at the gateway to the Klein Karoo uses an innovative Air Roasting method, and much passion, to produce premium aromatic coffee without the acidity and bitterness of conventional roasting methods.

The roastery specialises in only the best quality graded Arabica coffee beans from South America and Africa, to create our signature blends, as well as our organic, decaffeinated and single origin coffees.

We Air Roast in small batches to perfectly preserve the flavour of the coffee, and let you enjoy a smooth, balanced taste like none other!

As members of the Speciality Coffee Association since our inception, we believe in a fair and ethical coffee industry. We only use green coffee beans ethically sourced from their respective countries of origin, and traceable back to the farms and cooperatives that grow them.

We are committed to excellent customer service, and believe our customers deserve the best coffee we can offer. Being a local producer is a privilege that we take seriously.

Our goal is to bring you an artisan experience with every cup!