Montagu Museum – Jouberthuis

House Museum

Joubert Huis, Long Street, a house museum, portrays the typical country lifestyle of the 1850’s.
Of special interest is a comprehensive collection of toys from bygone days, particularly the unique collection of individually numbered handmade porcelain dolls. The costumes of the dolls are historically correct down to the last detail, including underclothing and leather shoes.

The Indigenous Medicinal Plant Garden behind Joubert Huis is a must to visit. Over the past 22 years the museum has been researching and recording the rich history and traditional uses of medicinal plants in the Montagu district, passed down by the Khoikhoi, San and settler farmers from Europe. The garden contains more than 120 plants that have been researched and published in Herbal Remedies of Montagu Museum.

In 2003 Joubert House celebrated its 150th anniversary.