Montagu Equestrian

We offer a unique riding experience!

We do guided outrides in the amazing mountain backdrops we call our back yard!


We offer a unique riding experience! You will not only learn how to ride and enjoy yourself, you will also learn how to take care of your horse. We have designed a manual for that. This course is suitable for individuals, families and small groups e.g. School and youth groups.

Children 10 years or older. If you are planning to get a horse or just want to know more, this course will teach you everything you need to know.

The best part of joining us is that when you are all done. You and your family or companions can go on out rides without any guide. Enjoy the peacefulness of the Little Karoo as you go strolling along. You will have riding fun as a group and while you at it, pack a picnic basket to relax by the dam when you get back.

Horse play grounds – ride in delightful play grounds designed for horse and you! Young and old alike!
Riding routes will be made available once you have completed the course.

Opening hours.
By appointment only.

Route Description

We are located 7km outside Montagu towards Barrydale on the R62.
Google Maps: The Farm, R62, Montagu