Makadas Adventures

All about mountain bike fun, adventure and cycling tours in the Klein Karoo.

Makadas Adventures is all about mountain bike fun, adventure and cycling tours in the Klein Karoo.  We are a mountain bike event company based in the Montagu Klein Karoo Western Cape. What makes us different? We are not only passionate about cycling but also about the Klein Karoo as well as the rich history of our area and we are always looking for ways to show off our beautiful area, the vast expanses, the deafening silences, star filled skies and the free roaming game that has made their way back where farming has ceased and the balance returned.  Come cycle with us and find yourself, breathe deep and dream again….

Makadas Adventures offers many different mountain bike events throughout the year as well as cycling tours and training camps.  We are passionate about our area and we are avid cyclists that believes the closest you can get to nature is on foot and if you want to experience more a bicycle is best.  You have to feel the sun on your skin and get the smell of the veld to understand what the Klein Karoo is about.  The area we have chosen to call home has gone from sheep farming in the last 20 years to game farming and now many farms are becoming nature reserves, all of this has made the free roaming game to come back into the area.  The greatest thing about all this is that on your bicycle in the veld you get so close to the game as they have gotten used to bicycles.  Come with us on a new experience of riding, not racing and be reminded why you started cycling in the first place:  To get out of the rat race for an hour a day a weekend…or maybe even a holiday, to be able to connect with your dreams again where there is no commitments and phones and diaries….just you, your steed and your thoughts.  We believe that you have to be able to really let go, breathe deep, become silent to be able to really connect with those dreams inside of you.  We will make sure you have fun, sleep well, eat well and see the best the Klein Karoo has to offer while cycling great trails and routes.  We do custom packages from camping unsupported to the full Monty, luxury accommodation, backup and the best food, with everything in between.


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 7am to 6pm and Sunday 9am to 3pm

We are not open for admin or phone calls on Saturdays and Sundays


Cell:083 312 7271