Lloyds Pop-Up Restaurant


DESCRIPTION : Additionally we have curry dishes like lamb curry, chicken curry, veg curry and beans curry. Finally, there’s bunny chow, served in a quarter or half loaves and filled with either beans, chicken or lamb curry.

Lloyd’s also has starters, like samoosas, Chili bites and hot chips as well as toasted sandwich options. They even have what they call “old favourites” which include chicken strips, smoked chicken salad, and a deluxe beef burger among others.

SHORT DESCRIPTION:  A pop-up restaurant is a temporary restaurant.  We operate from private homes, events, existing restaurants or similar space, and during festivals.

Lloyds Pop-Up Restaurant’s excellent food is complimented by a chef who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure her patrons leave with a smile.

ROUTE DESCRIPTION:  Pop-up Restaurant (where ever you need us)

CELL NUMBER071 678 0487