Helpende Handjies

Helpende Handjies is a small NPO run by Wilma Christoffels in Montagu.

Her main reason for existence is to feed and support children in the community. As Wilma explains the core of her organisation: Ek versorg 30 baie behoeftige kinders. Ek gee vir hulle 3 etes ‘n dag. Ons leef van skenkings.

Helpende Handjies is totally dependent on donations and welcome all donations of food, care products, clothes and anything the children might need- including a yearly project to collect School accessories for these children. Called “die Skooltassie Projek” and many more project that aim to assist those who cannot afford to look after themselves.

Please feel free to follow Helpende Handjies on Facebook: Helpende Handjies – for regular updates and their day by day needs and projects to support also the larger community of Montagu.

NPO 22 648
Managed by Wilma Christoffels

Route Description

14 Barlinka St, Montagu, 6720


Contact:Wilma Christoffels