De Nagmaal

Farm shop in the Klein Karoo town of Montagu

De Nagmaal stocks beautiful citrus-themed ceramics, linen tea towels, homemade preserves & concentrates, handcrafted knives, glassware, fragrant candles etc.

Part of the Jonkmanshof guesthouses.arm-style shop in Montagu, it is an extension of our Jonkmanshof guesthouse brand as we produce a large variety of citrus and vegetables from our gardens. We had a few requests from guests and other people to open a shop and offer the produce and other local products from the area to locals and tourists. When we renovated Jonkmanshof – 30 Bath, this space became the ideal spot to open such a shop.

Our vision with the shop is to stock and sell locally handcrafted and sourced products from our own gardens, homeware collection and other products and to also stock and sell products that are produced in the town and region.

We hope this becomes a showcase of what Montagu and the region has to offer. The products continuously change in the shop as we stock seasonal produce and as we source products that fit the De Nagmaal brand.

30 Bath Street, Montagu 6720, Western Cape


Contact:Hein Liebenberg