CWI Beehives+Frames

CWI Beehives manufacture high-quality beehives and bee frames

We also offer the sale of all related beekeeping equipment used on both a commercial basis and simply hobbyist scale.


Husband and wife team Johan & Anelda van den Heever founded CWI beehives in 2015. Having a successful business in the wood working industry for 15 years manufacturing solid wood & hand paint technique furniture, kitchens, custom made doors, windows and staircases; they have been looking and trying out alternative more monogamous products to manufacture, but never thought about bee hives or bee frames.

After several conversations with a beekeeping friend of the family, Oom JC Oosthuizen, he suggested they start with the manufacturing of bee frames, because there was a gap in the market for good quality frames at a good price.

For several months Johan & Anelda still didn’t think that they could switch over from furniture manufacturing to bee frames, until Oom JC placed an order with them and they had no choice but to start. It took them 8 weeks to manufacture 1000 frame parts several jigs and plans had to be made. The order was successfully completed and so their journey began in the beekeeping industry.

A Mere 5 years later in 2020 and we are now one of the biggest manufacturer of bee frames in the Western Cape with an average manufacturing of 192’000 frame parts per month and wire on average 18 000 frames. We also started to manufacture bee hives in 2017 and are now produce 350 – 400 assembled hives per month on average.

We are planning to double the production of frame parts to 384’000 per months and 40’000 wired frames and 800 assembled hives by the end of 2020.

We currently have 21 staff employed in manufacturing 4 males and 17 females. With females we promote (female manufacturing development) where we introduce woodworking machine operations skills and train them in a normally male environment. Both the supervisors are female and oversee all production.

Johan and and Anelda are both passionate about spreading and sharing the correct information with their clients about the right standards of equipment to use in the industry. At CWI we strive to impact as much hard learned knowledge with any person interested in bees and beekeeping, be they commercial growers or hobbyist beekeepers. We are passionate about saving and protecting our bees and getting the message out there.

CWI also has several depo’s now across South Africa, Vredekloof in CPT, George Western Cape, PE/Queberha, Eastern Cape, Bloemfontein, Upington, Northern Cape, Oudtshoorn, West Coast. 

More branches are opening, watch this space…

CWI has moved beyond the borders of South Africa and supplies Namibia with the highest standard of bee hives and bee frames.


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