MonTQ Restaurant

Christoff & Lana Prinsloo have breathed a new lease of life into one of the oldest buildings in Montagu (built in 1860).
As the owners, they have now nestled a unique restaurant concept into this majestic building and opened their doors on 1st of November 2018.

After an extensive revamp of the premises in consultation with world renowned adventure chef, David Grier and acclaimed artist Louis Storm. Combining their vast experience, Christoff and Lana’s dream was brought to reality.

New kitchen, menus, décor, food design and with a Deli and Bistro still to come it has arrived.

MonTQ restaurant has become a home from home. A lifestyle fine dining restaurant and coffee shop, offering fresh, unique food crafted from local ingredients a one of a kind eating experience in the Western Cape.

“MonTQ Restaurant the in place to be when you’re out”

Route Description

46 Long Street, Montagu


Contact:Christoff and Lana Prinsloo
Phone:023 614 3483
Cell:083 6500 968

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