The History of Ashton

Ashton is situated on the R60 between Robertson and Montagu at the foot of the Langeberg Mountains. The administrative hub of Langeberg Municipality is also located in Ashton. In and around Ashton there are many well known wine cellars, a canning factory, fruit packing facilities and race horse stud farms.

With the completion of the railway line from Worcester to the coastal regions in 1887, the trading post, Roodewal, became a station. Shortly afterwards it was renamed Ashton - Job Ashton, Director and railway engineer of the New Cape Central Railways (Ltd).
For several years Ashton consisted of only the railway station, warehouse, hotel, post office, butchery, a small school, shop and a few houses.
During 1939 and 1940 Ashton experienced extraordinary growth with the opening of the Langeberg Co-operative. This resulted in the farmland being divided into plots. Further development took place with the opening of a second canning factory in 1949.
Ashton received municipal status in 1956.


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