4 X 4 Mountain Trail and Obstacle Route

The 18km trail starts at the Main Guest House from where it winds through typical renosterveld, descending through some ditches and climbing over several small inclines.

This section is somewhat technical with some low-range climbing along a well maintained track and reaching the summit at 1400m above sea level.

From here the road descends down the mountain to complete the circular route. Two very steep declines await you on this section of the trail! It might seem dangerous, but the front tyres slip only a "few centimetres" on the rocky steps, before gripping the rock again. If you have some nervous passengers on board, consider taking the alternate route!

R240.00 per vehicle - the whole route
R120.00 per vehicle - to God's Window and back

Obstacle Route This short section is in close proximity to the Camp Site.
The 4x4 Obstacle Route can only be driven when dry, as it follows the bed of a small river that feeds one of the adjacent dams . It provides for some cross axle situations and ends with a steep ascent onto the adjacent embankment.

Route Description

GPS Coordinates - South 33° 34' 00 / East 19° 59' 08


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