Complete Health and Body

Manipulation of the muscles to correct body alignment, improve stress levels and revitalize and recharge body and mind.

Complete Health and Body – A complete health, body and wellness treatment facility, situated in beautiful Montagu! Complete Health and Body opened its doors in Montagu in August 2011 and has been on a journey, uniquely created to uplift, revitalize and recharge body and mind. With careful attention to detail, personalized service and unfailing standards, it offers an uplifting haven for those setting out on a journey to wellness and restoration.

Our current lifestyles have induced a societal problem of weight gain, flailing immune systems and stress. In small quantities stress is a good motivator, but too much stress is harmful and leads to general poor health, infection, anxiety and depression.

Manipulation of the muscles/massage has been my passion and my journey over the last 20 years. It has equipped me with the necessary knowledge to allow you to benefit from the therapeutic value of massage, so that all who seek the peacefulness of massage, or relief from pain or re-alignment of the body, can reap the maximum benefit!
I strive to provide a safe and secure environment where treatment is tailor-made to suit you and embrace every aspect of a relaxing journey to your complete restoration and wellness.

PRICES: FROM: R400 onwards.
Only Fijn Botanical essential oils & products used. Bookings are essential – Cancellations within 2 hours, please

Route Description

Kogman & Keisie, 2 Kloof Street, Montagu West (PLEASE use bottom gate for parking)


Contact:Susan Retief
Phone:071 877 6604
Cell:071 877 6604

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