Mags Pix Photography

I combine unique locations with characters, costumes, props and other elements to produce unique results that communicate and transmit concepts and messages in a very refined way. I love to work with make-up artists, stylists and other professionals to produce magical results that stand the test of time. I love to transform ideas, dreams or fantasies into an amazing work of art, unforgettable creative portrait photography

The things in people that others try to hide or look away from, are the things that I love the most: honesty, aspiration, dreams, wrinkles, age, and vulnerability. People, nature, animals and clouds are examples of things that inspire me. Although taking real photos; photos that involved flaws and shortcomings, not beautified perfection, have a special place in my work, I see beauty in everything and I want to photograph everything I see. Still Creative portrait photography is my passion. I believe that the best creative portrait photography is born of a profound attention to details that combine to produce stunning works of art.


Contact:Magda Frylinck
Phone:023 111 0012
Cell:083 468 8214

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