Joubert House

Jouberthuis is the oldest house in Montagu. It was built by a young man, Pieter Gideon Joubert, who was in his early 20’s when he built the house for his parents. It was built on a portion of the farm Uitvlucht, which later developed to become the town of Montagu.

The house was built with sun-dried bricks in what today is popularly termed the “Cape Dutch” style. It belonged to the Joubert Family for most of its existence as a residential dwelling, but did change hands in later years though.,

Jouberthuis was very nearly destroyed in the big flood of 1981 and was it not for the intervention of the then Board of Trustees of the Museum, it was on the brink of being demolished. The Curator, Members of the Board of Trustees and the community went to great lengths to collect enough funds to restore the building managed to proudly restore it to its full and former glory.

Some well known figures in the history of South Africa stayed over in Jouberthuis: Paul Kruger, (who later became President of the Transvaal Republic), S J du Toit (the then Superintendent of the Department of Education) and Piet Joubert.

The building was declared a National Monument in 1975 and was opened and declared a “House Museum” by Marais Viljoen in 1983. It is an excellent example depicting the typical lifestyle during the late 19th century. Visitors to the Museum will be able to appreciate some unique artifacts from this period as well as some unique architectural elements such as the ‘peach pip floor’ in the kitchen. The diningroom is a particularly long room as Piter Joubert Senior was the first Commisioner of Peace in town and the diningroom was used as the first Court of Law in town. The prison cell (a small detached building in the back garden) is still there, but now functions as a storagefacility.

This intimate little Museum is probably best known for its indigenous Herb Garden at the back of the property where a large selection of various herbs are grown. Montagu has become quite famous for its herb remedies. Jouberthuis as well as the Main Museum further up the road, are where these herbal medicines and products are sold.

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